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Bird Control BirminghamPigeons

Complete Pest Management provide unrivalled bird control services to customers throughout Birmingham and the surrounding areas. Birds are considered pests for a number of reasons:

  • They make their nests in gutters and on house roofs.
  • They are noisy.
  • They leave mess all over buildings and in public spaces.
  • Their excrement is difficult to remove from surfaces.

At Complete Pest Management, our bird control services eradicate bird problems from all public areas, including schools, shopping centres, supermarkets, offices, historic buildings, monuments, bridges and other areas.

Why is Bird Control Needed?

In the UK, there are two extremely common bird species that cause havoc in public places and deface buildings with their mess; pigeons and seagulls. Both build nests in difficult places to reach, spread diseases, steal food and leave their droppings and feathers everywhere.

Unfortunately, they are common pests as their presence in cities and residential areas causes numerous problems. Their droppings are extremely acidic and can eat into soft stone, causing long term damage to buildings. Their feathers also block gutters and rainwater pipes causing excessive damage and difficulties for many residents and professionals in the city.

Carriers of DiseasePigeon Drinking Water

Pigeons are carriers of disease and are a source of allergens, causing respiratory ailments like fancier’s lung and allergic skin reactions. Illnesses are commonly spread through human contact with pigeons through their parasites, droppings or feathers and they have been known to make people very sick. Dead pigeons are also a great risk to food and water sources.

Sea gulls are big birds, posing a threat to humans if they become violent, often scavenging for food. Seagulls are extremely common in UK cities and their rising numbers pose a great health risk. They can be destructive birds and tend to create mess and damage to street rubbish bins, residential roofs and building structures. They are considered pests because their presence is a nuisance to customers and residents alike.

Bird Control Solutions with Complete Pest Management

Complete Pest Management is experienced in carrying out work to overcome seagull and pigeon problems which are prevalent throughout the UK. Our extremely successful and sought-after bird control services are beneficial to both commercial and residential premises. In addition to offering bird control solutions, our team at Complete Pest Management also advise customers on bird prevention methods for their businesses and residential areas.

Our team of bird control experts use a variety of techniques to deter birds from landing and nesting on buildings. The services we offer are:

  • Alternative measures
  • Bird wire
  • Bird netting installation
  • Bird spikes

We work to discourage birds from high-traffic areas to protect workers, tourists and residents throughout the UK. Our specialist bird control team has decades of experience removing birds using netting, spikes, shock deterrent and other effective methods. There are a wide range of options to choose from and we will be pleased to recommend the best solution for you, your circumstances and the architecture of your building.

We Clean Bird Mess for YouSeagull

Birds make a lot of mess. Simply walk around any city in the UK, look up and you will spot bird droppings littering the walls and roofs of buildings. When it comes to cleaning bird droppings, Complete Pest Management are highly-qualified and experienced in removing droppings from buildings without causing further damage to the stone.

There are numerous areas where bird mess build-up is present, such as:

  • Courtyards
  • Stairwells
  • Speed Cameras
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Rubbish Bins
  • Stonework and Monuments
  • Balconies and Ledges

At Complete Pest Management, we clean and protect your property or public area to restore the aesthetic beauty and expected hygiene levels. We have the equipment, training, experience and know-how to offer a thorough service.

Bird Free Control SystemAngry Seagull

Here at Complete Pest Management, we use a variety of bird control techniques to help rid people of these common pests. Bird Free is an incredible invention that used small trays of special gel which have the ability to fool birds into thinking the area is under threat. Therefore, they will choose not to land there.

These trays full of gel are supplied and developed in units and can, therefore, be used over an unlimited area. The gel manipulates Ultra Violet vision which birds use and appears to them as fire. Therefore, any birds spotting these gel trays will try to avoid them at all costs – stopping them from landing in the protected area. The gel also contains a natural substance which emits a smell that birds find unpleasant, encouraging them to move on.

We find these gel trays to be extremely successful and they are certainly a worthwhile investment – lasting for more than 2 years at a time. They are both an economical way to rid your property of birds, as well as a humane control method. At Complete Pest Management, we have successfully installed this system in thousands of locations countrywide – deterring birds from high-traffic areas.

Bird Netting Control MethodFlying Pigeon

Bird netting is one of the most effective bird control methods for seagulls and pigeons, providing a virtually invisible barrier which the bird cannot pass through. Bird netting is extremely popular as it encourages birds to relocate to another location.

If you require bird netting installation, Complete Pest Management are the pest control company for you. Our bird control team are experts in the installation of netting solutions and have carried out bird netting control throughout most of the UK. Once installed, bird netting can last for many years and is extremely effective.

Bird netting is efficient at deterring birds from nesting in rafters, on ledges, in courtyards, car parks and much more. You don’t need to put up with unwanted birds around your property any longer, they can be deterred from your property indefinitely by using bird netting control methods.

Post and Wire Bird Deterrent

Amongst our many bird control methods, we use post and wire bird deterrents. This control method is a discreet and effective way of stopping birds from landing on buildings and monuments, causing general havoc. Sometimes referred to as ‘spring-wire’, this nylon coated, stainless steel wire is secured to the building. Post and wire is virtually invisible from the ground as it is fixed high up on buildings to prevent daytime perching or nesting of birds.

Bird SpikesBird on Statue

Complete Pest Management supply and install bird spikes as a prevention method. Bird spikes are a harmless bird control method that simply deter birds from landing in certain places. Bird spikes are extremely versatile and can be fitted to any part of your premises as an effective method of bird control.

Bird spikes are wonderfully effective at protecting your property from birds without causing them any harm. Our pest control technicians, here at Complete Pest Management, can fit bird spikes to any property securely, creating a long-term solution to bird control.

Bio-Acoustic Systems

One of the more high-tech options we cater for here at Complete Pest Management, is the bio-acoustic systems. These systems are commonly used at airports and use loudspeakers with a variety of bird distress calls on to trigger the flight reflex in birds. This bird control method is effective in displacing large numbers of birds at once and can help train birds to permanently keep away from certain areas.

Bio-acoustic systems are at the cutting edge of humane bird-control equipment and our technicians at Complete Pest Management are fully trained and equipped with the knowledge, experience and know-how to install these systems and help protect your area from birds. We supply all bio-acoustic systems and can help advise you on your bird control problem and the best solution.

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