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Our Pest Control Services in Walsall

Pest control WalsallHere at Complete Pest Management, we’re proud of our dedication to every pest control contract, big or small.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and customer satisfaction, and we ensure that we leave no job undone, no matter how difficult the task may seem.

Based in Birmingham, Complete Pest Management seek to cover every nook and cranny within this large city, and one of our covered areas, is the town of Walsall. We are incredibly passionate over every area we cover, and do our utmost to connect with the areas and residents we visit.

Some of the Common Pests we Cover in Walsall

  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Wasps, Bees & Nests
  • Ants
  • Pigeons & Seagulls

We also have detailed information regarding all of these pests on a separate blog that you can find here. It’s important to understand the type of pest(s) you’re dealing with, so brushing up on some information beforehand is not only educational, but it could also save you some money on pest control services!

Our Pest Control Team in Walsall

Like previously stated, at Complete Pest Management, we try to cover as much ground as possible within the city of Birmingham. Our team in Walsall covers a range of pest control services, including:

  • Wasp nest removal
  • Mouse & Rat eradication and prevention
  • All insect removals

We also have trained bird specialists and insect removal experts on hand to deal with more bespoke pest problems.

Our Guarantees

Certified Staff – our entire team at Complete Pest Management are trained to the highest standard, meaning they are more than capable of dealing with any pest control problem, no matter how big or small

Fast Service – we pride ourselves on our quick, efficient service, and acting fast ensures that your pest problem does not grow and become severe over time

Further Prevention Advice – we believe that by informing and educating our clients on pest prevention, they’ll be better equipped to prevent further infestations and problems.

Getting to Know Walsall

Pest management WalsallWe aren’t afraid to admit that we love to get to know the history behind our work areas, and Walsall proved to have some interesting historical facts!

Walsall began life as a Saxon Village in the early 11th century and later turned into a small market town by the turn of the 13th century. It was a very small settlement, with no more than 1,500 people living here during this time period!

Farming was the most common form of work, until Walsall embraced the industrial era in the 14th century, this saw it erect metalworking industries, as well as coal and ironstone mines.

The town grew as time went on, which saw outbreaks of cholera affect the town between 1832-49 and shortly after they ran into a smallpox epidemic in 1872. Despite this, conditions did improve when the Act of Parliament employed a body of men named Improvement Commissioners to clean and rid the streets of foulness.

Skipping to the Walsall of today, it still retains much of its historical vigour, for example it’s still known as ‘The Leather Capital of Britain’ due to its successful leather manufacturing industry during the 20th century.

We’re Here to Help

Hopefully this article will have given you some extended information regarding the services we provide within the town of Walsall. Pest problems are a massive problem in almost every major city in England, and not dealing with such problems can destroy properties in extreme cases.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call!

So, even if you have a question about our pest control services, don’t be afraid to give us a call! Our friendly team are on hand to help!